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Update time : 2019-06-11 11:49:19

SHIDU advocate change for communication, change for reality, change for dreams. Because we know
that only by daring to speak up can we achieve self, organization and enterprise.
From our point of view, voice has temperature, it can bring people beauty and pleasure. Joy is love, joy is admiration, joy is harmony, joy is joy, joy is understanding and hope. We are not only selling products, but also using a medium to find an appropriate way to convey the charm of sound.
SHIDU is a scientific and technological enterprise that integrates product development , production and sales.
Its core team has entered the audio industry as early as 1986,and is the earliest group of people in China to enter the industry. Out of the love of the audio industry, after 10 years of precipitation, the establishment of ten degrees of technology.
 As the largest original audio production enterprise in China, SHIDU not only has a stable team of
 more than 200 people,more than 50 professional talents,more than 40 domestic and foreign technology patents and international recognition patents, 8 international production lines, 200,000 sets of
capacity, but also is a member of China Acoustic Association. We always regard "high quality, super
value, perfection, dream" as the product concept, excavate more reasonable product function, produce products closest to life and use scenarios, and agree on the best way to solve the potential needs of users in consumer interaction.