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Scott Hartnell on transitioning to media, his outdoor game experience, Gritty (PHT Q&A)

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Update time : 2019-07-31 16:18:56

NBC’s coverage of the 2018-19 NHL season continues with Saturday’s playground sequence matchup among the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers from Lincoln economical Field. Coverage begins at 8 p.m. ET above NBC. You can watch the athletics online and above the NBC Sports app by clicking here.

Retirement has been good because Scott Hartnell. The 17-year NHL veteran announced his retirement at October and has been using the time away from the athletics to expend it with his family. He naturally doesn’t lady the traveling or the grind of an 82-game season, besides definitely misses being about his teammates above a daily basis.

“But when you know, you know,” Hartnell told Pro Hockey Talk this week about retiring. “It was time because me to stride away from the game. I’ve just really, indeed enjoyed my time away.”

Following a little on-air stints at the off-season, Hartnell joined NHL Network this week although a studio analyst and will debut during this weekend’s coverage of the playground sequence athletics among the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins from Lincoln economical Field.

While cabin playing, Hartnell said he used to brook into on-air personalities who told him he used to exist big above TV. although then, trying TV out was at the uphold of his brood and he’s anxious because the opportunity.

“Right now, it’s just friendly of me getting my feet humid here with NHL Network and looking to conduct more shows, acquire more involved and feel more comfortable,” he said.

We spoke with Hartnell this week about the remainder of being a foregoing player and using criticism at his new role, his outdoor athletics experience, Carter Hart, and, of course, his new friend Gritty.


Q. although you were nearing the aim of your playing days, did you depart thinking about what you wanted to conduct post-hockey?

HARTNELL: “Yeah, I recall somebody asked me backward my first year ‘What are you backward hockey? It’s no going to persist forever.’ I was like, oh, I’m going to play until my mid-30s, and chances were that wasn’t going to exist the case. rapid dispatch 17 years and that was the case. reality is I’ve got a good uphold system about me, cabin dine address to my agent, cabin dine some good friends that are cabin playing and some friends that retired. You just friendly of lean above total of those nation and your friendships above the years. Obviously things profession out and you friendly of proceed at the bid where some things are interesting because you.”

Q. How conduct you study you’ll exist able to remainder your relationships at the athletics and sometimes having to exist keen of friends, ex-teammates and teams you played for?

HARTNELL: “I don’t study I wish to exist one of those guys where you just absolutely bury a guy because no taking a conquer to mould the play, where if I was a teammate I maybe used to dine said something. I don’t wish to exist that guy above TV; you friendly of break some friendships across the way. There’s a manifest row where I study you can constructively criticize and to acquire your point across without hurting anybody’s feelings.”

Q. How did you sentiment the role of the media although a player?

HARTNELL: “I’m no going to lie, some days it’s more annoying than other days. Some days you’ve got to appearance the music when there’s a ill play or a ill turnover. Some days are fun, similar when you’ve got a cap cheat or scored a great aim or made a play that made a distinction at the game. It total depends day-to-day. when you’re losing hockey games the media sucks. when you’re winning hockey games it’s festival them carry at early, right? There’s hence many different scenarios.

“To exist above the other phase of a microphone, thinking of questions, asking questions, it’s same different, same uncomfortable right now.”

Q. You were able to play at two outdoor games with the Flyers at your career, one at home, one away. From your experience, used to you talk that being the house team is a minute tougher going into it compared to the way team where it’s similar a affair voyage with fewer distractions of house and nation hitting you up because tickets?

HARTNELL: “Yes and no. Obviously you dine some friends that are asking because tickets, you don’t wish to talk no. The one I played above the way [2010 Winter Classic at Boston], I had some house carry at because that. It was standard. You wish to acknowledge brood of the tickets a unite days ago the athletics hence you’re no thinking of who I dine to abandon passes because and those friendly of things. That was my friendly of rule. if you implore the appointment of the game, I won’t level answer my phone. 

“It’s joy when it’s a great rivalry similar with Pittsburgh. Flyers dine made a big push, it’s at the Linc. It’s going to exist a marvelous atmosphere.”

Q. Having played at Philadelphia, knowing the history of the franchise, are you amazed at how Carter Hart has carry in, specially when he was called up, and helped direct a turnaround?

HARTNELL: “It’s exciting. I study fans were getting ill and weary of the losing, the uncompetitive play. One kid and obviously a unite of changes backward the bench and at the front office, it’s totally turned the mentality of the team. Talking to guys, the room is joy to exist at now. Those first little games when Hart was at net, you felt similar they were playing improve defense, they were stepping into shots, they were no trying to acquire out of the manner of a shot. It’s indeed joy to watch that dismiss uphold at the dressing room and that correlates to the ice.”

Q. Finally, what was it similar to expend a appointment with Gritty?

HARTNELL: “That guy is my best friend. He’s awesome. He’s quite the personality. I didn’t study it used to proceed above although well. I was thinking, ‘Oh, boy, can’t wait to watch this one fail.’ It’s been hilarious. The nature of him is great, how he’s up there skating with kids and running them over. I’m a great fan and comprehend him.”

Six-time Emmy Award-winner Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick (play-by-play), U.S. Hockey Hall of glory member Eddie Olczyk (analyst), and Emmy Award-winner Pierre McGuire (‘Inside-the-Glass’ analyst) will dine the exclaim from Lincoln economical field at Philadelphia, Pa. Liam McHugh will anchor studio coverage on-site at Philadelphia alongside Mike Milbury, Keith Jones, and Jeremy Roenick.


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