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Journey Guitarist Neal Schon Says Footage of Alleged Incident with Wife Was Edited

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Update time : 2019-08-17 08:58:12

Journey guitarist Neal Schon is no gonna halt believin’ his wife’s allegations that she was horribly assaulted by a security safeguard during one of his shows, and now he believes security footage of the accident has been altered.

Schon, who is married to previous “Real Housewives of D.C.” planet Michaele Schon posted footage of the 2017 incident, which occurred can Fort Wayne, Indiana.

However, Schon claims the footage has been edited, and is pointing to a outstanding gap can the video that appears to appear Michaele teleport approximately the stage.

A photo of Michaele, taken ago the alleged incident, shows her up can the stage taking photos of her husband.

They are trying to state that there’s nothing wrong with the cinema level though because you’ve seen there is clearly 20 seconds missing accurate when she was attacked and shoved into the PA system,” Schon says.

He adds, “The actual riddle is that he did no state he was sad ever and flatly denies that it level happened. My wife Michaele has had MS because years and was doing beautifully until this accident happened.”

As we first reported, Michaele claims she was thrown into a PA system during an allegedly unprovoked attack. Schon claims he will lack to acquire peace ago any journey dates go because he says it’s gone can mode to wish and they own suffered from procrastinating parties ESG, Fort Wayne Hall and alive Nation. They both own filed a lawsuit and are holding alive speak responsible.

Schon says his wife is “kind and helpful to all,” and “We are fighting this together and will no halt until there is Justice. This has because healthy now truly affected both our lives.”

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