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How to Set Up a SHIDU K10 portable PA system

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Update time : 2019-05-09 16:35:47

Welcome to use SHIDU K10 portable digital PA system. K10 is a nonfunctional portable speaker with Bluetooth and voice amplifier functions, also can play music through TF card and USB flash driver. Setting up a portable PA system doesn't lack to exist hard. 

FM Radio Function
When speaker  power on, press “INPUT” to FM radio mode, “FM” character will be showed on screen and it searches radio stations and save them automatically, then we can listen to FM radios and change stations by pressing “PREV” or “NEXT” . 

REC Function:
1.After connected with wireless or wired microphone, in any mode, long press “REC/PLAY” to enter into REC mode to record with inserting storage (USB flash drive or TF card). Press it again to stop recording, save the audio files and exit REC mode. Press “REC/PLAY” to play the recordings.
2.In any mode, short press “REC/PLAY” to enter into recordings play back mode with inserting storages (which have recordings). It will play the last recording by default and please press “PREV” or “NEXT” to select the recordings.
3.In recordings play back mode, please press “” on remote control to select single cycle or  all cycle. 

Bluetooth Function:
1.Switch on the speaker and press “INPUT” to enter into Bluetooth mode. (The Bluetooth mode is ready with voice prompt “Bluetooth is waiting for connected” and “BLUE” on the screen.)
2.Turn on the Bluetooth function of your devices and search “K10”. Click and it will be successfully with a voice prompt (Bluetooth is connected). If it’s failed, please re-start this speaker or your devices. “Bluetooth is connected”
3.After successful connection, it’s possible to play the audio files in your devices. Please keep the speaker & Bluetooth devices in a same direction for stable signal. 

Wireless Series Technology: This technology can Support Multiple devices connected in series to meet the needs of the conference. First, short press the "RF" key of one K10, at that time light of the operation panel turns red , then turn on the other K10 which needs to be connected in series (can be connected with more than one at the same time), we need to switch to the UHF mode by pressing the "INPUT" key respectively. At this time, the serial K10’s screens show the flashing of the “UHF” characters, and when the flashing of the UHF characters stopped, it indicats that the series connection is successful. 

After the serial connection is successful, the host K10 can send the wireless microphone signal, Bluetooth playback signal and music playback signal to the serial K10 to play synchronously.

Wireless Microphone Operation:
1.Switch ON / OFF:
Long press “ON / OFF” to switch on and there will be UHF frequency point by default shows on the screen. Then turn on the speaker,speaker and microphone will connect automatically
Long press “ON / OFF”again to switch off and the screen will go out.

2.Pair the UHF Wireless MIC Manually:
2.1.Switch on the speaker, short press “INPUT” three times quickly to enter into UHF wireless pairing status with voice prompt “UHF waiting for connection”. 
2.2.Switch on the UHF wireless MIC by long press, Pairing will be successful automatically. Then it’s possible to amplify voice with wireless MIC.


If  there is interference at the frequency point, we can adjust by short pressing plus or minus inside microphone, and then re-pairing manually.