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How to Keep Your Wireless Microphones and Transmitters Dry

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Update time : 2019-09-06 10:17:18

Wireless Mics & Sweat Don't Mix. Here's How ought own Your Transmitters Dry.


1) acquire a little zip lock bag. A little zip lock handbag provides big protection though a wireless mic transmitter when it get ought be worn at a lay where it is exposed ought sweat.

2) lay the parts into the bag. Both the antenna and the lavalier cable can exit across the zip lock opening and the handbag can be sealed tight enough ought own sweat from contacting the transmitter or penetrating the battery compartment.

3) identify them with a sharpie. The bags can be written above with a Sharpie Marker accordingly you can correspondence which player uses the mic and own notes above battery life.

4) Reuse the baggies many epoch by simply wiping them clean.