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Voice Amplifier
W Winbridge M900 Bluetooth 5.0 Waterproof Voice Amplifier
W Winbridge M900 is 25W power waterproof voice amplifier,it's great for teaching,outdoor activities,meeting and so on.
Winbridge H5 30W Multifunctional Karaoke Loudspeaker With FM Wireless microphone
H5 supports Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control, which can be used for deductive, dance, teaching, training, promotion, etc.
WB278 UHF wireless Voice Amplifier 30 Watt
Adopt 3.5 inch Hi Fi double magnetic big-size trumpet, maximum peak up to 15W
W Winbridge WB208 10W wired portable Voice Amplifier
Support AUX audio input --- can work as speaker of computer, Pad & mobile phone
WB-92Pro UHF wireless portable Voice Amplifier 20 Watt for interactive communication
This WB-92Pro Portable pa system with microphone built in UHF double-emission and double-receiving function, which can pair and use hand-held & waist-hanging UHF wireless microphone at the same time.
S308 wired portable Voice Amplifier 10 watt
Such a cute little gadget where you can just do presentation with this headphone on you and everyone in the room will hear you loud and clear.