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Why Bluetooth Speakers Are Not Afraid Of Wifi Speakers?

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Update time : 2018-10-26 17:11:30
I believe that many friends who have experienced WiFi speakers on the spot will have a good call to the WiFi speakers, because the WiFi speakers have excellent wall-to-wall capability. In the same WiFi coverage area, as long as the mobile phone is connected to WiFi, the speaker can be controlled. Therefore, the transmission distance problem like the Portable Bluetooth Speaker and the signal occlusion problem can directly affect the sense of hearing, and the WiFi speaker is completely fearless.
But despite this, WiFi speakers still have a very serious problem: almost all WiFi speakers must be connected through an exclusive APP, and the process of connecting from the phone to the speaker and then connecting to the same WiFi is very complicated. And the delay of the WiFi speaker is extremely high, so basically it can only be used for music playback, and some products may have the problem that the sound and picture are not synchronized in movies and games.
Moreover, most of the current WiFi speakers only support their own programs and online playback of music software such as AirPlay and Q Play, or internal baseband platform playback through voice recognition. If you usually use other music platforms or some other playback software, music playback will become a big problem.
In contrast, the controllability of Fashion Bluetooth Speaker is much better. Although Bluetooth speakers can't achieve perfect lossless sound quality transmission, these high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols such as aptX and LDAC can still bring us a nearly lossless sound quality experience, which is very small for ordinary music lovers. Almost negligible.
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