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Which Loudspeaker Should The Teacher Choose?

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Update time : 2018-07-05 15:50:26
The choice of loudspeakers for the teacher’s class is nothing more than two conditions:
The megaphone of the teacher's class is most portable, because the teachers are at least 5-6 sessions a day, and it is very tired in one day. If you drag a more cumbersome loudspeaker, it will certainly be too long. The Portable Wireless Voice Amplifier is relatively light and portable, and they are quite reliable for teaching.
2. Large volume, no noise
Yes, the current large-class education, the average student is at least 40 people, and some high school occasions will reach about 100 people, so the corresponding classroom area will be relatively large, so in the optional, the megaphone will The power requirement is large, and it can cover the whole occasion. The  Waistband Voice Amplifier has a power of about 15W, and the weight is not cumbersome. Generally, the use of large-area classrooms is completely sufficient. In addition, the noise control is also very good, I suggest you can find out.
Waistband Voice Amplifier