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What Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing A Wireless Microphone?

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Update time : 2018-07-06 16:11:19
At present, with the continuous entry of radio communication technology, the quality and function of Wireless Microphone products are greatly promoted, and the number of manufacturers in the industry is increasing, and the price is declining, which promotes the hobby and universal application of the product. Through the innovative technology and technical essentials of current audio products, we can help you judge and purchase value-added products.
1. Appearance design conforms to ergonomics and aesthetics. The most suitable shape for hand grip is the double inner curve shape in the middle than the two ends.
2, the use of advanced hidden antenna design, using the most perfect hidden antenna design, and has the advantages of convenient use, safety, aesthetics, and fewer faults.
3, the assembly of the excellent pickup head, the condenser microphone technology level is higher, using the change of the capacitance between the poles, with the ultra-thin gold-plated diaphragm, directly convert the sound into a power signal. Therefore, the condenser pickup is the best match for wireless microphones.
4, the touch noise is low: when the handheld wireless microphone is used, it will emit a touch noise due to the friction generated between the palm and the palm, especially the sensitive preamplifier of the wireless microphone itself, which makes the touch noise more serious. Therefore, a wireless microphone of good quality must have extremely clear sound quality and ultra-low touch noise.
UHF Microphone
5, to eliminate the sound interruption or instability: the signal transmitted by the wireless microphone is attracted and reflected by the surrounding environment, which will cause the signal received by the receiving antenna to fall into a dead angle, so that the output sound is interrupted or unstable. The solution is to use automatic signal receiving. system.
6. Prevent noise from whistling during standby: a fixed super-audio signal is added to the transmitting signal of the microphone, and a discriminator is also installed inside the receiver, so that the receiver only receives the microphone containing the fixed super-audio signal. When the signal is signal, the output circuit can be activated to prevent other signals or noise interference.
7. Multi-channel use does not interfere with each other: advanced models use phase-locked frequency synthesis to pre-store dozens of frequencies in the transmitter and receiver, allowing users to change arbitrarily, although this advanced design cost is high. But completely solved the above missing.
8. to avoid the frequency "crash" or signal interference: due to the complex circuit design of the UHF band, the use of high-frequency components are also more sophisticated, so the current price is higher, the production of manufacturers are also less, but the UHF Microphone is in line with professional quality is The best choice, and gradually become a trend in the future.
9. International quality certification and telecommunications regulations: Excellent wireless microphone products must be manufactured by factories that have passed international quality certification, and must be certified by national telecommunications regulations before they can be legally sold and used. Consumers only have to choose certified products, the quality is guaranteed.