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What Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing A Loudspeaker?

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Update time : 2018-07-12 09:17:49
First, turn on the switch of the Waistband Portable Voice Amplifier, try to adjust the sound to the maximum, and hear if there is noise. If there is no noise, there is no noise in the loudspeaker working at rest. Some of the poor quality loudspeakers, this time is very easy to have noise, such a loudspeaker is not worth buying, it will not take long.
Second, when the sound of the Wireless Voice Amplifier is adjusted to the maximum, the loudspeaker is used for amplification. Listen carefully to the distortion of the sound after the expansion. If the loudspeaker is at the maximum sound, the sound quality is clear and the sound is loud enough. Most of such loudspeakers are not bad loudspeakers.
Third, the work of the loudspeaker, although the appearance is not the most important factor, but the processing of the loudspeaker is indeed a factor worthy of our study. If the work of the loudspeaker is rough, most of these loudspeakers are immature. The probability of quality problems is also high.
Fourth, whether the function of the loudspeaker meets the requirements, whether it supports U disk, TF card, FM radio, one-button cycle function, etc.
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