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What Is The Appropriate Decibel For Teaching Waistband Voice Amplifier?

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Update time : 2018-11-16 16:32:46
As more and more teachers use Waistband Voice Amplifier to attend classes, many parents worry that their hearing is affected by the sound of the teacher's teaching loudspeakers. What are the sound decibels that the human ear can accept? Is the sound decibel range of the loudspeaker normal in that interval?
Different volume that the human ear can accept:
130 decibel jet takeoff sound
110 decibel propeller aircraft takeoff sound
105 decibels permanent damage hearing
100 decibels pressure drill sound
90 decibels, noisy bar, ambient sound
85 decibels or less will not destroy hair cells in the cochlea
80 decibels noisy office
75 decibels human ear comfort limit
70 decibels street environment sound
50 decibels, normal conversation sound
20 decibels whispering
The normal loudspeaker decibel can be adjusted from 0 to 120 decibels to meet the needs of teachers in different teaching environments. Portable Voice Amplifier Manufacturer produces wireless loudspeakers, portable loudspeakers, portable loudspeakers with pure sound quality and loud sound, which is very suitable for teachers, guides and promoters!
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