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What If The Bluetooth Speaker Has No Sound?

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Update time : 2018-11-03 17:07:00
The reason why the Portable Bluetooth Speaker has no sound:
1, the sound is broken, you can try another sound;
2, the signal between Bluetooth and audio is unstable, you can wait a while to try again;
3, the sound is not turned on, just turn on the sound of the sound;
4, the phone volume is not turned on, just turn on the phone volume just fine.
Fashion Bluetooth Speaker has no sound solution:
1. Restart the phone and adjust the output volume of the phone.
2. Restart the Bluetooth speaker and adjust the maximum volume of the Bluetooth speaker.
3. Delete pairing and rematch.
If not, use other Bluetooth devices to test whether the phone's Bluetooth or Bluetooth speakers are normal.
The phone and the basket speaker are paired successfully, but the speaker has no sound and mainly has the following possibilities:
Is the volume of the speaker adjusted to a mini? Is the phone muted?
If the above problem is ruled out, then the next question is the phone settings. Many users are asking this question. Try it according to my operation:
Phone Settings - Bluetooth - Check the model, check Media Audio + Call Audio
Then try to call, can you hear the sound while listening to music? On the other hand, it can also reduce the adverse effects of dust on the internal components of the speaker, and make the speaker last longer.
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