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The Development Prospect Of Wireless Voice Amplifier

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Update time : 2018-09-21 17:06:14
With the expansion of education, the increase in the number of classes, the heavier the burden on teachers, many teachers have red throat, hoarseness, pharyngitis, and even loss of sound.
In order to reduce the burden on teachers, Wireless Voice Amplifier have been developed and gradually developed. Now more and more teachers are using wireless amplifiers to attend classes. The wireless amplifier is therefore also known as the "teacher burden-reduction star" product. Using a wireless amplifier to attend classes, even if the normal volume is used, the voice is clear and loud, and the lectures are not difficult for a long time. It not only ensures the quality of teaching but also protects the voice, and is well received by the teachers and students.
Wireless amplifier use precautions
1. When using the amplifier, avoid the microphone facing the speaker, and the volume adjustment should be clear and clear, so as to avoid distortion and feedback whistling.
2. Do not pull or drag the microphone cable during use, otherwise it will be easy to contact the wires between the wires.
3. The host battery should not be overcharged and discharged for a long time. When the low battery is prompted, it should be charged in time. When Rechargeable Voice Amplifieris not used in winter and summer vacation, it should be charged once every two to two months.