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Some Little Knowledge About The Microphone

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Update time : 2018-08-10 11:13:43
The Wireless Microphone is divided into three frequency bands, the FM segment. VHF section, and UHF Microphone. The following is a brief introduction to the performance of each frequency band, the use of occasions, etc., I hope to provide a little help for everyone to buy.
1.FM segment:
Everyone knows FM radio. The frequency of the FM radio is 88-108MHz. The wireless microphone frequency of the FM band is higher than 108MHz. Generally, it is between 110-120MHz, so the FM radio signal will not interfere with the wireless microphone of the FM segment, but it will be interfered by other clutter.
The advantages of FM wireless microphone are: simple circuit structure and low cost, which is beneficial to manufacturers. The disadvantages are: poor sound quality, frequency will change with time/ambient temperature, often there will be poor reception, disconnection, and interference. Big.
2. VHF segment
VHF segment is used to abbreviated V segment, the frequency is between 180-280MHz. Due to the high frequency, the interference is generally small. The crystal frequency is used, and the frequency conversion is not occurred, and the receiving performance is relatively stable.
Advantages: Receive stability. Short-distance is generally rare, the disadvantages are: the high-frequency part is not stable, the audio frequency response is not wide enough, the professional use effect is not ideal, the use occasions: general household, the performance is relatively stable, the sound quality is still decent. . You can use this type of wireless microphone.
Use occasion: KTV hall, home. Small and medium-sized concerts have an excellent effect.
3. UHF segment
The UHF segment is generally used to be called the U segment. The frequency is generally between 700 and 900 MHz. Such a high frequency basically has no other external frequencies that can interfere, and the performance is very stable. U generally has three kinds of circuits.
The first type: single frequency. Use occasion: If it is not satisfied with the V segment, the use requirements are not very high. Or you can use this type of machine if there is interference in the environment using the V-segment machine.
The second type: adjustable frequency; such machines are controlled by a microcomputer program. Use occasion: This type of machine is used in high-grade multiple KTV rooms. Small and medium-sized concerts. Or ask a multi-person colleague to use it when singing, the effect is ideal.
The third type: diversity; the so-called diversity is diversity reception, and the other is single frequency diversity. One is the frequency-adjustable test diversity. In addition to the functions of the U-segment machine, this type of machine uses two receiving circuits for each channel. Use occasions: a variety of large and medium-sized concerts. The environment is very demanding and the environment is more complicated. This type of machine is the best choice.
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