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Is There Radiation Using A Voice Amplifier?

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Update time : 2018-11-14 16:20:00
There are more and more loudspeakers in life, whether they are teachers, tour guides or promoters, they can't do without the loudspeakers. Then the loudspeakers are used for a long time, will there be radiation?
Today, Portable Voice Amplifier Supplier shares the radiation problem of wireless loudspeakers.
1. The human body can actually endure a certain amount of nuclear radiation rays. Within the scope of the quantity, it will not affect the correct reproduction of our genetic information. This is why we can go to the hospital for perspective! The x-ray emitted by the medical x-ray instrument is the nuclear radiation! In excess, the human body will not be able to correctly replicate the genetic information due to the damage of the genetic information of the DNA, and the mutation may be cancerous!
2, computers and other electrical appliances will not emit radiation with a frequency higher than "visible light"! But it is not that low-frequency radiation is harmless to the human body. This is still a matter of quantity! For example, sleep electric blanket, temperature adjustment is too high, but it will cause human body burns! And the low frequency environment is likely to interfere with the balance of the human body and cause cancer. However, the low-frequency environment refers to places such as high-voltage substations, which are not caused by several computers or home appliances!
So everyone can use our Tour Guide Voice Amplifier with confidence, without worrying about harm to the body.
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