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How To Use Mini Bluetooth Speaker?

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Update time : 2018-08-23 17:50:00
In life, we will see friends around us often come up with a small speaker for plugging in the phone and computer, which can expand the volume and let us enjoy very good music. So how do you use these small speakers? The following Bluetooth Speaker Supplier will introduce you to how to use the mini Bluetooth speakers, and hope to help those who need them.
How to use the Mini Size Bluetooth Speaker, the introduction of Bluetooth speaker
Before you introduce the use of mini bluetooth speakers, let me introduce you to the knowledge of mini bluetooth speakers. Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a new type of equipment specially designed for modern mobile phones and computer users. Because it is small, it is convenient for people to carry, and there is no need for troublesome USB wiring. Just open the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and pair it with the speaker. After waiting for the pairing, you can use the speaker to play the music. This is the work of the Bluetooth mini speaker. The price of most Bluetooth mini speakers is about 300~1000 yuan, the price is relatively flat, suitable for users to buy.
So, how do you use the Bluetooth mini speaker? Next, let me introduce how to use the Bluetooth mini speaker. First of all, we come up with a Bluetooth mini speaker, to ensure that the Bluetooth mini speaker is intact, if there is damage, then we can not hear the beautiful music. Next, take out our phone, turn on the Bluetooth device, and search for the device. Then the phone will definitely search for the mini Bluetooth speaker. The device name of the mini speaker is generally "my vision". Then pair and connect, the general pairing password is 0000 or 1234, some mobile phones do not need to set the connection password, you can directly pair. After the pairing is completed, the phone can transmit data with the Bluetooth mini speaker. At this time, the audio playback interface will appear. If you choose audio playback, you can make the mini Bluetooth speaker work normally, so that we can hear the sound of music.
In general, mobile phones, laptops, PSPs and other devices have Bluetooth transmission capabilities, but if you do not use Bluetooth transmission, how do we use mini Bluetooth speakers? Our mobile phones, notebooks, PSP and other devices generally contain 3.5mm headphones. Jack, as long as the Bluetooth mini speaker's cable is plugged into the headphone jack of the computer or mobile phone, the mini Bluetooth speaker can work normally. Of course, this method can take a lot of steps, but it requires wiring and is not convenient to carry. Users can choose between these two methods of use according to their needs. As long as you can make yourself convenient, then it is a good way.
Mini Size Bluetooth Speaker