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How Far Is The Transmission Distance Of The Bluetooth Speaker?

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Update time : 2018-07-14 08:51:46
The transmission distance of the Portable Bluetooth Speaker is independent of the Bluetooth version, depending on the advanced level of the technology. The PowerClass2 has a standard transmission distance of 10 meters, while the upgraded PowerClass1 increases the transmission distance to 100 meters and provides Hi-Fi stereo effects.
In general, the distance between the mobile phone and the waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker is not too far, and the safe transmission distance is about 10 meters. The market bluetooth speakers all meet the standard of 10 meters. 4, version. When consumers purchase Bluetooth speakers, they often see numbers such as Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc. These numbers represent the different versions, and also represent the anti-interference ability of Bluetooth speakers. In 2012, 2.0 was the most popular, 3.0 was the new mainstream, and 4.0 was just launched soon. The Bluetooth version is different and is related to the quality of the received signal. The new version emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference. The new version is backward compatible, and consumers should measure the price and demand when purchasing. 5, built-in battery. The Bluetooth digital speakers have built-in batteries to make true wireless. The good or bad of the built-in battery directly determines the playback time and service life of the Bluetooth digital speaker. Please carefully ask the actual playback time and the number of repeated charge decays before purchasing.
When you buy a Fashion Bluetooth Speaker, in addition to functional considerations, the appearance and function of the Bluetooth speaker is also the key to pay attention to when purchasing. Everyone likes a different shape. Users should try the sound quality and function before purchasing, and then buy it.
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