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How Can We Maintain The Microphone?

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Update time : 2018-06-15 13:45:09

Wireless microphone or handheld microphone is widely used in training, teaching or related fields. Do you know how can we maintain the microphone?

1, Drop, especially pay attention not to mix the microphone holder when the wire pulls. Impact may cause the sensitivity of condenser microphones to decrease or even damage.

2, Rain water and dust, rain is the natural enemies of condenser microphones, capacitance microphone diaphragm due to water will accelerate the corrosion of metal materials, but also will make the internal circuit wire short circuit. Don't rush into the box at the end of the process. Apply the hair dryer to the blow dry and put it in again.

Wireless Microphone

3, The correct use of card inserts, and sometimes add or replace the microphone, pick up the card head on the hard pull and plug, easy to twist or break the three public foot.

4. If it is found that there is a problem with the locking device of the locking microphone, be sure not to use a hard lock. Instead, use an electrical tape to attach the condenser microphone directly to the microphone holder, and do not risk it because of its appearance.

5, Try to avoid hot-swapping operation, that is to say, when the condenser microphone or microphone cable is powered on, do not frequently remove and insert, because the large voltage fluctuation will not only affect the system, but also reduce the life of the condenser microphone.