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Buying Skills of Bluetooth Speaker

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Update time : 2018-06-11 17:30:57

Sound quality

For a speaker, the sound quality is certainly very important, although Bluetooth transmission will have a certain loss of sound quality when playing music, but for the average user does not have much impact on the sense of hearing; but I still recommend It's best for everyone to audition, or find a speaker on the Internet to listen to reviews and videos. We can also use some data as a reference. If the maximum decibel is less than 80, then such sound effects are not suitable for carrying out. The larger the SNR value, the stronger the anti-interference ability and the better the fidelity effect. It is recommended to select speakers with a signal-to-noise ratio of at least 70dB. Karaoke Bluetooth speaker is benefit for outdoor activities.

Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth version

Of course, the Bluetooth speaker depends on the Bluetooth version. The higher the Bluetooth version, the faster the receiving rate and the longer the transmission distance, the smaller the power consumption of the speaker, so the sound quality of the speaker will be better.


When purchasing, you should look at the quality inspection certificate. For the production process, it is necessary to observe the details of the speaker, such as the regularity of the edge of the button, the degree of detail of the mold line, the quality of the material, and so on. The exquisite product technology can be seen through careful observation.


Fashion Bluetooth speaker is welcomed by people now. Shape is the first factor that leads to consumer impulse buying, so the importance of shape is self-evident. Bluetooth speakers are branded with fashion technology products, so manufacturers will choose fashion appearance when designing Bluetooth speakers.