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Bluetooth Speakers Add Color To Life

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Update time : 2018-11-10 13:44:26
Traveling abroad is something we all like to do. Although the work is busy and the time is not enough, we can still overcome these problems. Pick a place not far away, drive to the size of a family, set up a tent, as long as the family is together we are very happy.
At the time of school, we also had roommates. We stayed in the same dormitory for a few years. Everyone’s feelings are as inseparable as the family. I feel that I will think of cute roommates when I do something in my life. We will play games together, share music, stay up late to watch movies, and do everything together.
Above, if you have a good Portable Bluetooth Speaker, you can bring high-quality music enjoyment to your family, and enjoy a more enjoyable pleasure with your roommates. Today we will take a look at what are the best-selling portable Bluetooth speakers on the market.
The Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth speaker has a high design value, making it ideal for young people who like to listen to music. This speaker is made of an integrally formed aluminum casing that is exquisitely crafted, durable and beautiful. The small size allows you to easily put it in your pocket and listen to music.
The sound box B2 hand-built wooden cabinet follows the classic design of the sound engine. In order to reduce unnecessary distortion and resonance, a thick resin-bonded MDF is used as the box material and the internal support is strengthened. Fill the interior with a high-strength sound absorbing material to reduce unwanted sound reflections. The edges of the cabinet are rounded to reduce the sound diffraction caused by the high sound on the front panel.
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