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Bluetooth Speaker Classification And Features

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Update time : 2018-07-25 17:49:05
According to the use occasion, the Bluetooth speaker is divided into two categories: professional speaker and home speaker.
Household speakers are generally used for home playback and it is Fashion Bluetooth Speaker. The features are that the sound quality is delicate and soft, the appearance is more delicate and beautiful, the sound pressure level is not too high, and the power is relatively low. Professional speakers are generally used in professional entertainment venues such as dance halls, Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker, theaters, auditoriums and stadiums. The sensitivity of the general professional speaker is high, the sound pressure is high, the strength is good, and the power is high. Compared with the home speaker, the sound quality is hard and the appearance is not so delicate. However, the monitor speakers in professional speakers are similar in performance to the home speakers, and the appearance is generally more delicate and compact, so these monitor speakers are often used by the home HI-FI sound system.
According to the audio frequency, it can be divided into full-band speakers, subwoofers and subwoofers.
The so-called full-band speaker refers to the sound that can cover the low-frequency, intermediate-frequency and high-frequency range. The lower limit frequency of the full-band speaker is generally 30Hz-60Hz, and the upper limit frequency is 15KHz-20KHz. In a small and medium-sized audio system, only one or two pairs of full-band speakers can be used for the entire playback task. Subwoofers and subwoofers are generally dedicated speakers that complement the low-frequency and ultra-low-frequency playback of full-band speakers. These types of speakers are generally used in large and medium-sized audio systems to enhance the intensity and shock of low-frequency playback. When used, most of them are divided by an electronic crossover (crossover), and the low frequency signal is sent to a special bass amplifier, and then the bass or subwoofer is pushed.
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